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What to Do with Old Costume Jewelry?


Fashion trends may come and go, but the sentimental value of old costume jewelry remains timeless. You may have inherited grandma's rhinestone brooch or stumbled upon a collection of vintage earrings, but you're not quite sure what to do with them. Reading this you can make them shining again! In this blog, we'll explore creative ways to breathe new life into your old costume jewelry and even discuss the potential value of these vintage treasures.


What is a Custom Jewelry?


Custom jewelry, often referred to as costume jewelry, is a type of ornamentation with a history spanning over 300 years. Unlike fine jewelry, which boasts precious materials, custom jewelry is crafted from more affordable components, such as simulated gemstones like rhinestones, and set in less expensive metals like pewter or brass. It gained prominence primarily between 1900 and 1960, although some examples date back even further.


Costume jewelry is designed for regular wear, reflecting the fashion trends of its time, and it offers a more accessible alternative to its fine jewelry counterparts. While it may not have the intrinsic value of precious gems and metals, custom jewelry can hold immense sentimental and collector's value, making it a cherished part of many individuals' jewelry collections. If you have one jewelry on your hand, and are not certain if its value, you can identify it according to the following tips.


Is old costume jewelry worth anything?


If you are having some antique costume jewelry, you must be wondering is your old costume jewelry worth anything? There are many methods you can value them as following:


Add Bling to Boring Shoes: Got a pair of plain heels or sneakers? Transform them into dazzling showstoppers by gluing your vintage jewelry onto them. This DIY project adds sparkle and style, perfect for special occasions.


Make a Jewelry Magnet: Turn your jewelry into decorative magnets for your fridge. It's a fun and easy way to showcase your beloved pieces, even if you don't wear them.


Create a Glittering Picture Frame: Commemorate your loved ones by decorating picture frames with old jewelry. This sentimental touch makes for a heartfelt gift or a beautiful home decor item.


Build a Unique Charm Bracelet: Transform brooches, pendants, and earrings into charm bracelets. These custom accessories are perfect for special occasions or as thoughtful gifts.


Grow a Jeweled Topiary Art Piece: Let your creativity shine by crafting a jeweled topiary art piece. With a few supplies and some glue, you can turn your jewelry into a stunning work of art.


Make a Watch Necklace: Old watches may not see much wrist time, but you can repurpose them into a funky necklace. String the watch faces together for a unique fashion statement.


Welcome Guests With a Jeweled Sign: Impress guests with a glitzy welcome sign made from old necklaces and bracelets. This DIY project adds a touch of glamour to your home.


Create Beaded Napkin Rings for Your Holiday Table: Elevate your holiday table setting by repurposing old bead strands into elegant napkin rings. It's a meaningful way to incorporate family heirlooms into your celebrations.


Conditions to tell a worthy old costume jewelry


Costume jewelry, also known as fashion jewelry, has a rich history spanning over 300 years. While not made from precious materials like fine jewelry, vintage costume jewelry can hold significant value. Here's a quick overview of what makes some costume jewelry valuable:


Condition: The better the condition, the higher the value. Mint or very good condition pieces are more desirable than those in fair or poor condition.


Rarity: Scarce or unusual pieces tend to command higher prices. Limited production runs or hard-to-find items are prized by collectors.


Aesthetics: Exceptionally beautiful or unique designs capture the imagination and can fetch higher prices.


Provenance: Jewelry with a documented history or a compelling story behind it can increase its value.


Materials: Some costume jewelry used higher-quality materials like brass or rhinestones, which can make them more valuable than pieces made from cheaper materials.




Your old costume jewelry doesn't have to gather dust in a drawer. With a dash of creativity and some simple DIY projects, you can transform these cherished pieces into meaningful decor and accessories. And who knows, you might even discover that your vintage jewelry holds more value than you initially thought. Whether you're repurposing or appraising, embrace the beauty and history of costume jewelry, making it a part of your life and style.

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